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Author Topic: Why the BSP can not be (yet) the main piece in my setup  (Read 1169 times)


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Why the BSP can not be (yet) the main piece in my setup
« on: May 17, 2016, 09:45:45 am »
Jamming with the BPS is a real fun and pleasure. Building and performing in real time, starting from zero is quite accessible. But

What about building a set?

With the 1.4.x update the Arturia guis fixed a lot of issues, regarding the hardware. Now, there is a real lack with the MCC editor.
The main lack : no real time synk between the software and the hardware. Changing a simple note, then syncing all (not only the current project because too buggy) is a really slow and useless. There was realtime editing, at lest with the midi CC settings in a past version of the MCC, but the realtime is not working anymore. Dragging and dropping midi settings between different projects blows up the note pitch and some random surprises. And, if you change a setting in the midi assignment and you want to replicate it 16 times … go for it.

I put a personal challenge once : to import my ableton set (midi only) in the MCC. Recording every pattern, checking the length, fixing overlapped slides etc etc. In a day it was done. But, the smallest mods of notes, piches, changing a loop spa rte point … no comments. Just try to change a start point of a 32p pattern :D. You will develop a special skills working with the interface.

With a USB 2 High speed interface and a powerful ARM processor, why use the 8 bit sysex on a dedicated port? I use Maschine 2 for a quite a long time now, and, putted a part the jamming performance of the BSP, the rt editing is incomparable.

The BSP, obviously, is conceived with VCA and Gate driven hardware in mind. But driving a software synth or only responsible synth like the Waldorf Blofeld and Pulse, you need to have your book with you, writing preset numbers down, making buggy Program change Midi commands, for each project, or assign to the only 16 midi channels.

For the resumé:
  • Lack of maniability of the MCC
  • Auto-save function for patterns, optionally enabled
  • Program/bank change messages per pattern
  • Copy/Paste patterns btw. projects
  • Set start note of a pattern or Nudge
  • Set start position of a pattern (as first note)
  • High speed transfer of the sysex dump btw the MCC and the BSP
  • Grouped editing of Midi assignments to all projects
  • Drag and drop of midi files in MCC - in and out
  • Hardware assgnement of the midi pitch of the drum seq
  • Optionaly use the knobs as midi encoders in the 2 melo sequencers (For soft synths especially)
  • And optionaly choose, per project, if a sequencer is drum or melo
  • Selectable midi in channel for the transpose of the melo seqs
  • bring the melodic step editor back, please
  • Undo/Redo

Thanks Arturia


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