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Author Topic: Keylab 49 being recognized, but will not play.  (Read 1150 times)


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Keylab 49 being recognized, but will not play.
« on: May 05, 2016, 05:36:05 am »

 I'm having an issue with my keylab 49 where, once plugged into a usb port on my desktop PC, it will power up, turn on, and is recognized - but the keys will only perform for maybe 5 minutes, and then it's like they lose connection - the keylab is still recognized within the interface and devices, though. It's just like the keys are no longer sending anything. - Sometimes if i disconnect and reconnect, they'll work for a few minutes again. Other times, nothing at all.
 Once in a while I'll get the message USB device not recognized when i first connect, so I'll throw it in another USB slot and it will be fine, your device is installed successfully, but again, only for a new minutes and then keys stop working. But it still is listed in devices and checked as the current controller.
 Could this be something as simple as needing the additional power supply, that the USB ports aren't providing enough power? Or would it just not power on for that to be the problem?
 Now, the odd thing is - I have used this same keylab 49 on one of my other PC's, older than this one, and i didn't have this issue. - Now, i know people will say it's the PC then, but i haven't had a problem like this with my interface, or my mpk-mini (which is why i thought since the 49 is a larger board, maybe it's just a USB power issue.)

 Any help or suggestions appreciated!


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