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Author Topic: Spark dies when track not focused  (Read 783 times)


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Spark dies when track not focused
« on: October 05, 2015, 08:59:50 am »
Having this nasty issue with the Logic plugin and wondering if anyone else has come across this.
Mac OS X 10.10.5
Logic Pro X 10.2.0
Spark 2.1.1 (AU)

I have set up the dead end midi instrument in the environment.

When I have the plugin gui closed... anytime I press play in Logic and the focus is on another track (not Spark), then press pause or stop, the Spark plugin stops responding to the SparkLE controller.

Steps to reproduce:
Add Spark instrument to a track
connect the SparkLE controller
close the Spark gui
create another track in Logic
change focus to the new track
press play
press pause/stop
press a pad on the SparkLE controller
at this point, the volume fades out controller freezes and and Spark is essentially dead
To revive Spark, open the gui or change focus to the Spark track and send it a midi note from another midi controller such as a keyboard

This has also been reported to Arturia support.
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Re: Spark dies when track not focused
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2015, 07:02:21 am »
Arturia have confirmed this bug and stated it will be fixed in a future release with the most ambiguous timing guidance possible.  The wording gives me the impression that, once again, nobody is working on Spark. I truly hope that I'm proven wrong.

Meanwhile, I'm going to vote with my dollars and give them to companies that can provide me with some working musical instruments.

Background on my cynicism... I purchased this thing in June 2014, and it's done nothing but malfunction (in Logic).


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