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Author Topic: What synths/keyboards would you guys like to see emulated next ? (After VC6)  (Read 5156 times)


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As a matter of fact, I was thinking the same thing about the modules of the Modular V being pluggable into a virtual rack so that they could be moved around as needed.  The sequencer and chorus etc modules could be removed if not needed or placed on top (like the Modular V version 2)


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Something really different would be good,  like the DK Synergy/ Crumar GDS

that would grab some attention !


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What's wrong with my post in this thread from February 08, since it's not been approved (Yet)?

Kevin R

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The Novachord.

Hammond came out with this monster in 1939. It was the first electronic synth. But it didn't use integrated circuits, obviously. This baby used 163 valves for it's oscillators. The sound was super rich and warm. 72 note polyphonic. It used envelopes and filters that were controllable with large bakelite switches.

There is a fully restored Novachord that could be used to base an Arturia modeled version on here; http://www.discretesynthesizers.com/nova/intro.htm

I've got the sampled Novachord for Kontact from Sonicourture and it's a beautiful thing. Very lush. But a modeled version by Arturia would probably be even more better than samples given the capabilities of modern modeling technologies of analog systems. Plus the other things Arturia could add to it.

That's my vote.


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Full-size 1960's Lowery Theatre Organ

Lowery began his experiments in 1918. Whereas Hammond used the church organ as his "model", Lowery used the Thatre organ, which had a full range of organ families, often featuring both Flute AND Tibia stops and a "Tremulant" effect which pre-dated the Leslie

Anoather theatre organ you might model would be the Schober from the 1960's which had, IIRC a full 9 pitch registers or even the Hammond theatre organ of the 1970's which had both the horseshoe console AND the full compliment of drawbars

At any rate a good full-bore theatre organ would be good complement to the B-3 as it would have Arturia include the instrument design philosophies of both major electronic organ compaies

Then two, Schober also had a Formal organ and a "consolette" which had two full KB's and a 17 note pedal board IIRC


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My picks:

1. Hammond Novachord
2. Ensoniq SQ80/VFX hybrid, like the Prophet 5/VS hybrid
3. Yamaha SY99
4. The Vox/Hammond/Rhodes/Wurli stomp boxes available as a separate audio FX plugin. Far superior to emulations of filters I'll "actually use" but (unsurprisingly) don't.

Dog Brűlé

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Sherman Filter Bank v1  ;)

dan lava

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roland d50
rmi harmonic synthesizer
all originalpatches from fairlight v
please arturia please release this on vc7


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Arp Chroma / Rhodes Chroma
Arp Quadra


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