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Author Topic: What synths/keyboards would you guys like to see emulated next ? (After VC6)  (Read 34315 times)


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As a matter of fact, I was thinking the same thing about the modules of the Modular V being pluggable into a virtual rack so that they could be moved around as needed.  The sequencer and chorus etc modules could be removed if not needed or placed on top (like the Modular V version 2)


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Something really different would be good,  like the DK Synergy/ Crumar GDS

that would grab some attention !


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What's wrong with my post in this thread from February 08, since it's not been approved (Yet)?

Kevin R

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The Novachord.

Hammond came out with this monster in 1939. It was the first electronic synth. But it didn't use integrated circuits, obviously. This baby used 163 valves for it's oscillators. The sound was super rich and warm. 72 note polyphonic. It used envelopes and filters that were controllable with large bakelite switches.

There is a fully restored Novachord that could be used to base an Arturia modeled version on here;

I've got the sampled Novachord for Kontact from Sonicourture and it's a beautiful thing. Very lush. But a modeled version by Arturia would probably be even more better than samples given the capabilities of modern modeling technologies of analog systems. Plus the other things Arturia could add to it.

That's my vote.


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Full-size 1960's Lowery Theatre Organ

Lowery began his experiments in 1918. Whereas Hammond used the church organ as his "model", Lowery used the Thatre organ, which had a full range of organ families, often featuring both Flute AND Tibia stops and a "Tremulant" effect which pre-dated the Leslie

Anoather theatre organ you might model would be the Schober from the 1960's which had, IIRC a full 9 pitch registers or even the Hammond theatre organ of the 1970's which had both the horseshoe console AND the full compliment of drawbars

At any rate a good full-bore theatre organ would be good complement to the B-3 as it would have Arturia include the instrument design philosophies of both major electronic organ compaies

Then two, Schober also had a Formal organ and a "consolette" which had two full KB's and a 17 note pedal board IIRC


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My picks:

1. Hammond Novachord
2. Ensoniq SQ80/VFX hybrid, like the Prophet 5/VS hybrid
3. Yamaha SY99
4. The Vox/Hammond/Rhodes/Wurli stomp boxes available as a separate audio FX plugin. Far superior to emulations of filters I'll "actually use" but (unsurprisingly) don't.

Dog Brűlé

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Sherman Filter Bank v1  ;)

dan lava

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roland d50
rmi harmonic synthesizer
all originalpatches from fairlight v
please arturia please release this on vc7


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Arp Chroma / Rhodes Chroma
Arp Quadra


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What may be the next big thing will be instrument specific Collections. For example

An imagined V7: The Organ Collection
 Upgrades to the existing organs; addition of Vox Baroque, Jaguar and original Continental and Continental II
Upgrade to the Farfisa; Addition of Combo compact, Mini Compact and Compact Duo
Andy upgrades to the B-3 that may be desired
Addition of the Farfisa Professionals
Panther Duo Delxue
Yamaha 45D
Doric 61TT or 61TTMix
Ace Tone Top 5
Electronic Theatre Organ; probably the big Lowery but I like the Schober from the '60's and '70's

V 8 Full set of String machines
Any upgrades to the Solina IV Arturuia wishes to make
Any upgrades to the Solina IV that you wish
Elka Rhapsody line
ARP Omni I & II
Freeman multi-Oscillator Symphonizer
One thing that would be nice would be to enable a 3rd rank of strings

V9 Multi-Channel Keys
ARP Quadra
Siel/Arp Quartet
Korg Trilogy
Sequntial Circuits Prelude
Yamoa SK-15, 20, 30
Crumar Orchestrator/Multiman
Moog Opus 3; The one fault that I find with it was that it was the lower 4 octaves rather than the upper. Also some upgrades from paraphonic to full polyphonic, all 3 saw octaves available for Strings and Brass and on the organ; the odd harmonics available, the "Tone" replaceable by a 3 state resonant filter, sine/square/both waveforms
Roland Saturn 09

V10 Electronic Pianos
 RMI Piano
Any upgrades or additions to the Wurly and Fender that you wish
Hohner Pianet
Baldwin Electric Harpsichord
RMI Rock-si-chord
Most of the electronic pianos, qua piano, were tres abominable, but they all sounded good or cool, in a kitschy way, for other things and

V12 Moog
Any desired upgrades to the Modular and Mini
Polymoog Synnth & Keyboard

V 13 Arturia original
Original instruments in each category: organ; combo and console, Multichannel, String, eletronic piano
I've shown some of my designs for organs and multichannels elsewhere

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Okay here’s some fun ones that would be great

-Movement MCS Drum Computer. Not many exist but would be freakin cool to get those crunchy drum sounds. Used by Eurhythmics and Genesis
-Sequential Circuits Pro-One: been itching for a VST of the Pro-One for years.
-Memorymoog for obvious reasons
-OBX Series
Emu Emulator series.  If the CMI and Synclavier were done, why not give the Emulator/Drumulator series a shot

Some added patches to existing synths
Some added drum machines to Spark especially more vintage units


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Actually, they could probably add the Pro-One, which I've had IRL and is a great monosynth and I recommend having monosynths; the sound is crisper in attack and release, could be integrated into the Prophet 5 group

Unfortunately, the Meomorymoog did not do that well in Real Life

One gem would be the Hammond s-100 chord organ (to which I have some samples of the chords) "treble" section. This was a two-channel instrument. Though a better choice might be the Extravoice. The two channels were 1. A polyphonic set of 8' flute and string voices 2. a primitive monosynth which, while it did not have ADSR or Res. it had the ability to do multi-octave, square and pulse wave and five static filters. The Extravoice might be the better one to do because the chord section is in fact a separate section of the split keyboard rather than 96 chord buttons and a spring-loaded chord bar (which, when engaged allowed the chords to sound only when it was pushed down so that hou could do 3/4 oom-pa-pa style with the bass pedals of which there were only two, the notes of which were root and fifth of the chord being held down). The S-100 Chord Organ was all-electronic and is what I learned sound shaping on in 1958-9

Another thing I've been thinking about lately is a full synth with 3 oscillators. The waveform shaper of each of these oscillators would be a full set of Hammond-style drawbars. the other parameters being the usual suspects. Another version would be a 2-oscillator version with the first being the drawbars and the second being a 15 stop "theatre organ" set-up


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Re: What synths/keyboards would you guys like to see emulated next ? (After VC6)
« Reply #42 on: September 06, 2018, 02:06:02 am »
Ditto the suggestion of the Memorymoog, OB-X and Emulator.

Solid calls!


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Re: What synths/keyboards would you guys like to see emulated next ? (After VC6)
« Reply #43 on: September 30, 2018, 08:29:16 pm »
My vote goes towards these:

A modular system based on the hardware found in the early 1950s-60s pre-Moog electronic studios of Bebe & Louis Barron, Raymond Scott, and various universities of that time.

E-mu Emulator II

DK Synergy

And for something bizarre, the Ensoniq Fizmo.


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I'd love to see some Korg synths. I know the MicroKorg is still alive and kicking, but I'd still love to have a good software emulation of that. If nothing else, it had the same engine as the MS2000, and technically the MS2000 is historical relic at this point (hint, hint). Also,

Korg MS-20
Korg Wavestation
Alesis Micron/Akai Miniak

And I have to say it, just imagine what Arturia could do with the Casio SK-5 Sampler!

Oh, and how about some kind of supercharged Theremin (ala the Theremini), packaged with a hardware controller (or integrated into Keylab MkIII)


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