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« on: January 03, 2021, 10:04:56 am »
I may have found the solution to having an sfz/sf2 player: The Plogue Sforzando. it has stadnalone capability
Instructions and tutorial
One of the great things about sfz is that a user can create his own instruments based on files one writes up oneself in .txt then converts to .sfz. The language is in synthspeak (attack, decay, lfo, etc) and assigning samples to keyboard areas (mapping) is quite intuitive
Or you can use sfZed editor

The only problem is the interface. It does not show a  controller panel. The question here is, since it is a soft sampler, can the Arturia controller keyboard be matched to the parameters. There are standard MIDI codes for the various syntb and other parameters

The big deal with sfz is that you can create your own instruments but unlide the sf2 soundfonts, which I think Sfortzadno can also play, the samples are not locked into the play file and can be stored elsewhere. Using Audacity you can create 16/44k .wav files and copy them at different pitches. Also, Sfortzando reads MIDI files and SCALA files It plays SoundFounts; sf2, which is interesting since I have seen a page of Ensoniq soundfonts . It is based on the Garitan/Aria engine
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