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Author Topic: Drag and drop pattern into DAW deletes pattern after closing and restarting DAW  (Read 497 times)


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Well, I learned this one the hard way.
So I'm messing about in Spark 2, within my DAW of choice, Reaper. To save on CPU so I can start adding in instruments and other effects, I decided to just "render out" the patterns into the DAW on a separate track. So I did so, using the drag and drop method from the patterns page. Worked like a charm. Rearranged my drum patterns into my song. All was good.
After I'd closed Reaper, then re-opened it to continue working on the track, I got notified that the audio files of my drums were missing. Upon investigating, I discovered that Spark had saved them to a temp folder within my User directory, and subsequently deleted the files when I'd closed Reaper.
Like ... WTF!! Seriously?  ??? .. How is that even remotely a reasonable way to handle that function?
I found the "workaround" pretty quick tho. Fortunately, I still had the original Spark track in my DAW; just disabled. So I re-enabled it and did the drag and drop of .wav to the DAW again. THEN I went ahead and glued those "samples" in place, so Reaper would save them in an appropriate place.
Guys, you GOTTA fix this behavior. Unacceptable.   ::)
Either save it in the library, or ask the user where to save it. .. saving it as a temp file that gets erased is ridiculous.  :o
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