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Author Topic: Some bugs and issues I had with Spark  (Read 1064 times)


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Some bugs and issues I had with Spark
« on: March 04, 2015, 05:19:24 pm »
I bought SparkLE (the crossgrade offer) two weeks ago and discovered some bugs since then. Some are minor but some do really
affect the workflow. So here is a list of what I encountered so far:
  • Image selection: I can't select an image when creating a new user project
  • Double Trigger of sample: Often when I remove the bodeshifters in the modular panel in a sample patch the sample get's triggered twice with a short delay between them when I press a pad. This bug doesn't occur everytime but does sometimes also happen if I keep the bodeshifters and insert some other modules like filters e.g. in the instrument's patch
  • Bug with sample layers 1: In some presets in the studio panel samples are displayed on layer 6 (or 5 and 6 if the instrument has 2 samples, etc.) but adjusting starting and end-points of layer 1 (where actually no sample is selected) does affect the sample in layer 6. An example is the preset 'cartoon collection' of the hollywood expansion.
  • Bug with sample layers 2: When I load a sample for the instrument #10 on layer 5 this sample is sometimes loaded into layer 1 of instrument #2! Also start end endpoints of layer 5 an 6 do not work for all instruments I tested yet.
  • Some unpleasant automations in presets: Some patterns of a few presets are really nasty because of some apparently random automations like turning up the volume at max, etc. Examples are: Night Drive pattern A9 instrument 14 ((12 automations! Including volume at max) and Herzig DNB bank A instrument 9 (sounds extremly distorted (normally I like distorted drum sounds but this is TOOOO much, blows everything))
  • Min-Max values in modular: sometimes the Min-Max values for the macro-knob assignements are not saved correctly.
  • No sustain :-(: The sustain input of the envelopes in the modular does not work. It seems to me that their is no sustain in the entire spark 2 software, but the controller pads do have the ability (I tested it in MIDI mode with another drum software) so the controller does detect how long the pad is pressed anyway. Sustain is in my opinion very useful and important for a drum-sampler and as the controller pads are detecting gate signals (not only trigger signals) I'm asking why this feature isn't implemented in Spark 2. It would be great for a future update :-)
  • Controller Freeze: I'm not quite shure if this is a soft- or hardware error. Sometimes the LEDs of the SparkLE controller freeze.
  • Crashes: Spark 2 sometimes crashes when changing a preset or closing the standalone-software

I'd be thankful for any feedbacks and suggestions about my encountered issues. Despite its bugs Spark is in my opinion an amazing software, thanks Arturia.




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