July 07, 2020, 02:05:03 am
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Author Topic: Feature request for SE: Allow Sequencer to be transposed by external midi  (Read 677 times)


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The Minibrute SE sequencer is not currently controllable by an external keyboard or sequencer while in the default "Note On" mode.

What I would like to do is to use an external sequencer transmitting midi note data slowly to the minibrute, and have this midi note data trigger the MB's own sequencer.

So for a simple major chord arpeggio programmed into the MB: C-E-G
And a simple progression programmed into my external sequencer: C-E-G-B

External sequencer plays slowly into the MB:                                                    C-----------------|E-----------------|G-----------------|B----------------|
MB sequencer plays its sequence as informed by the external sequencer:       C--E--G--C--E--G--|E--G#-B--E--G#-B--|G--B--D--G--B--D--|B--D#-F#-B--D#-F#|

I know this is possible with the sequencer on "Hold" mode, but this doesn't work very well in practice as you need to flick the MB sequencer switch on and press play on your external sequencer with just the right timing to make it trigger just so. It would be better if the MB was waiting silently in sequencer mode a note on, and then playing the sequence once I press play on the external sequencer.

I believe this could be fixed by having the MB SE trigger on midi in notes regardless of whether a note is on on the actual minibrute.

Hope this can be updated in the firmware! Thanks!


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