July 25, 2021, 01:14:59 am
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Author Topic: keylab88: small bug in FW1.0.0.17; display not toggling knob values  (Read 1028 times)


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A small bug:
1. Open MIDI Control Center
2. Sync with Keylab 88
3. Assign knob "Program Chng. 1" to: Switched Control; Option Toggle; Channel 1; CC No. 22 - undefined;
Off/Even Value 0; On/Odd Value: 127 (just an example, you could do this for any knob that you can press).
4. Midi-Control-Center: Menu -> View -> MIDI console (or ctrl-M)
5. press "Prog. Chng 1":
 In:  B0  16  00  |  Ch 1 CC 22 - Undefined
   press "Prog. Chng 1" again:
 In:  B0  16  7F  |  Ch 1 CC 22 - Undefined

 Works as expected. The blue light of this knob toggles too, fine!

6. Observe the display while pressing that key some times again:
 "Switch1  Val:000
  Ch :01   Num:022"
The value of "Val:" does not toggle on the display. It changes to 127 only as long as you press
the button. This is the same behaviour if you choose "Option Gate" instead of "Toggle".
I was expecting the same result on the display like the MIDI-Console shows me. If I'm
in a host application (DAW) I could use the display of the keylab88 as MIDI monitor because
the MIDI control center has to be closed then.

It is correct only for the faders and rotary knobs.

Regards, m1ke


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