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Author Topic: Use of MCC together with DAW app.?  (Read 5160 times)

Andy Tillison

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Re: Use of MCC together with DAW app.?
« Reply #15 on: November 27, 2017, 10:36:29 am »
I read this article because I came here asking the same question. Why is it hard to understand why we would need both the MCC and the DAW running together? Each time the original questioner asks, the moderator simply says "you don't need to do this".

Here's why I would like to be able to use both together. I have a project running in Cubase  and would like to audition sounds from my stored banks while doing that.  Perhaps I'll suddenly think, "Oh yeah, that great pad sound I developed last week". And it's not in the instrument memory at the moment.  So - to get it I have to quit the DAW, boot up MCC find the sound I wanted, transfer it, then quit MCC, reboot the DAW and then carry on.  No part of that process is convenient. I, like the original questionner would like to be able to have MCC address my Arturia instrument without an exclusivity problem - in other words I want the DAW and the MCC to be able to talk to the instrument without having to quit either of them. Makes sense. And yes.. my Studiologic Sledge does this just fine so it is not impossible. Any further developments?


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Re: Use of MCC together with DAW app.?
« Reply #16 on: September 02, 2019, 08:17:34 pm »
I had the same problem and this post was still the first result on google, so I'm bumping an old thread.

My solution was in addition to using the MIDI USB, to also plug a MIDI cable from the Arturia's MIDI Out to my Audio Interface's MIDI IN. I then deactivated the Arturia's Out/In in my DAW. This way the DAW communicates through the Audio Interface and the MMC communicates through the Arturia's USB MIDI.

I wish there was a better solution, because I'd also like two of my other keyboards to communicate through the Audio Interface, and my MIDI Merger only has two ports. Maybe there's some sort of Software workaround using JACK? Whatever.


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