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Author Topic: spark vdm automation transmit midi data dosnt work in sonar x3 studio daw  (Read 1270 times)


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Hi folks can anybody help me out here,
When I try to record automation drum data from spark vdm to sonar x3 studio the midi data is recorded but all the control changes in the drum track are not present. I've tried every possible way to my knowledge so far to record the spark vdm preset pattern  drum pitch an decay changes etc .. To sonar but only the midi drum pattern is recorded. These are the methods I've tried to use to capture the spark vdm preset pattern automation control changes:

1. Drag an dropping midi pattern from spark to sonar
2. Using sonars automation read and write feature to capture control changes
3. Using sonars parimeter facility to individually change automation data like pitch an decay etc... I found this feature only let me manually change the data by placing nodes in real time in sonar but didn't record sparks vdm's preset pattern automation changes.
4. Using Sonars ACT midi learn function didn't work either

Please help me out here. Any more suggestions would be great thanks guys
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ben arturia

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Hi byrdy60
You mean you are not able to record a pitch automation made with controller in Sonar ? Or that automations made in the Spark sequencer are not exported in MIDI ?

In order to write automations with controller you need to select the parameter you want to automate in the drop down menu of the automation track and select "Spark Vintage Drum Machine" then choose the parameter you want.

Automations made in Spark sequencer are not exported in MIDI.

Tell me if i answer your question here.


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Hi ben

Yess that's my problem the latter, automations made in spark sequencer are not exported to midi in sonar. I found that spark has some nice 909 preset patterns with automations that I'd like to use but can't due to the automation data not exporting to sonar only the midi data uhhhh! Lol

 I tried the. Parameter method and that works fine if your using your own automations. I watched a video on youtube about recording spark effects and automations and that was possible in the DAW Logic. I'd have thought sonar would have been able to provide the same facility in X3 studio.

Anyway if you have any more suggestions in getting spark to send automation midi data iam more than open thanks!


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