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Author Topic: Changing notes affecting controllers and losing sync when saving a pattern  (Read 785 times)


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I'm not a native english speaker but I hope I'll explain this clearly enough.

At the moment I can only use the BeatStep as is set by default (connecting to MCC issues already commented on another post).

The thing is, I've realized that if you are both sequencing and controlling a synth from the BeatStep, if you turn a knob to change a note on a particular step on sequencer mode, and then, you return to controller mode, that turning you just made will affect the knob as a controller.

That is, if you for example turn the first knob (in sequencer mode) to go an octave up (let's say this is +100), and then you return to controller mode in which this very same knob controls cutoff, as soon as you touch the knob it will suddenly add a +100 value to the filter and then start turning from this point...(it does not happen the other way, controller changes does not seem to affect note values at all)

It seems pretty illogical to me...Questions are: is it a bug?, is it because of something related to how MIDI works and cannot be changed?, Does MCC give the opportunity to fix this?...

I guess this won't happen if controller and sequencer are set to different MIDI channels, but this won't work with most hardware synths at least.


Another little problem I've found is BeatStep slightly losing clock sync when saving a pattern, mainly when used standalone with a hardware synth.

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