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Author Topic: You lot find the saving fragile on this?  (Read 1145 times)


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You lot find the saving fragile on this?
« on: October 16, 2012, 08:17:01 pm »
Does anyone else find the saving and banks and presets handling fragile with it? I swear i dunno if it's just me being a noob or what but i have endless problems with the saving on this thing, and it all seems a little buggy.

For example, I've lost all my patches twice. First time was renaming a patch. I renamed it as misspelled the word i was calling it and immediately all my patches were gone, replaced with Default0 in all the banks i created. It also created about 3 extra user banks of the user bank i created myself that are not possible to delete or use. Plus it put a lot of Default presets into the factory banks. 

Second time was just now where i was mucking around with it and created a patch, saved it in usual manner, logged out of the account and into the account i use for music, loaded the modular and it shows error in sub bank and preset bank. All patches are gone again, replaced again with Default0.

And i swear, as the fluffy pink elephant is my witness, sometimes the sound it recalls is not the same as the sound that was saved.

It's temperamental. The above doesn't happen all the time, but rather randomly on occasion. It's choas! ha. Makes me a sad panda :-(


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