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Author Topic: project loading discrepancy  (Read 946 times)


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project loading discrepancy
« on: October 16, 2012, 05:01:03 pm »
Ok, this might be a little confusing to explain in writing but try to follow, If you load a project via the "new project window/quick load menu" in the top menu bar, the name of the kit you load will be displayed on this window and will stay there. However, afterwards if you load a different project via the bottom panel's "library tab" the newly loaded kit name wont be displayed in the top menu bar, instead, the kit you loaded first will still be displayed in this bar. And if you then try to use the jog wheel to change kits, the top menu bar will be the starting point for the kit art scrolling in the bottom panel. In simpler terms, if you load a kit that starts with the letter "A" via the top menu, and then load a kit with the letter "S" via the bottom panel, if you want to use the jog wheel to change kits once again from the current kit (letter "S") to a kit that starts with the letter "T" right next to the "S" kit, the software thinks it is in the first kit you loaded with the letter "A" and will jump from the "S" kit to the "A" kit. Hope this made any sense. Anyways, try loading kits via all the different paths (top menu, bottom panel, jog wheel) to see what i mean.

p.s. try loading via the bottom panel with just the mouse first and then use the jog wheel
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