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Author Topic: OT: New LuSH-101  (Read 1418 times)


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OT: New LuSH-101
« on: October 18, 2012, 05:34:00 pm »
Hi fellow Origin users!

I just downloaded a demo of brand new LuSH-101 from d16 group. I just spent my first 15 minutes and I must say I am quite impressed and interested. This synth seems to be very analog sounding - listen its basic saw waveform for example - but yet quite capable of many different sounds. Also it's very graphical GUI makes it very intuitive to start working with. At least for myself; I am very visual oriented. Only thing is that this kind of GUI needs a bigS screen to be readable. I don't know how readable it would be from 11 inch MacAir for example. Other thing is that it's obviously very CPU hungry. I believe that lot of computation is happening in very basic level (oscillators and filters etc.). This is no surprise, cause I read its specs a long before they released it.

What do you think? Is this a serious competitor to Origin? At the moment it is not an option for myself, cause my mac cannot reliably handle it and anyway I have decided to not use computers on stage. As a live player mainly, Origin plays a major role on my live gigs. Origin has its problems, but still I feel that I can trust it on stage. Also, there's no latency, which makes it very much a real instrument.

Still all those new things (and old real analogs too; just read another thread...) like LuSH are worth checking out. If nothing more, they will show you how great instrument your Origin is. Still I'd say that LuSH might be very good with very powerful Pc/mac and good sound card and controller.


P.S. And yes, LuSH has a decent sounding Super Saw which is missing in Origin (I make my living with playing many kinds of music, also very commercial stuff, so to me this is a wanted feature). I think Lady Gaga wouldn't mind developing Super Saw to Origin as well... ;)
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