September 19, 2017, 09:24:12 pm
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Author Topic: Draggin rendered audio into Pro Tools  (Read 635 times)


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Draggin rendered audio into Pro Tools
« on: September 18, 2012, 05:44:42 pm »
Hi again,

I donīt know if this is a user-error or a Spark-error, but hereīs the case.

When i render a pattern and drag it into Pro Tools, itīs just slightly of from the grid in Pro Tools. The rendered audio-clip is starting right at the grid, but just at the end itīs just a tiny-tiny fraction of from the pro tools grid.

In my session i have my tempo set at EXACTLY 95 BPM, and the Spark is also set to EXACTLY 95 BPM. I have the "Tempo" and "Host" buttons engaged also..
When i drag the clip over, itīs a small fraction off..

I tried setting the tempo to 94.9 and 95.1 in Spark, then un-clicking "Host" and "Tempo", then dragging it over.. but then itīs either a fraction over the grid or a fraction behind it.

Itīs not the biggest problem in the world, but iīm just wondering if itīs something iīm doing wrong when rendering the audio in Spark?


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