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Author Topic: A Sad Farewell  (Read 1865 times)


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A Sad Farewell
« on: August 27, 2004, 07:42:30 am »
Fool me once, shame one me. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Version 1.5 was an exhilarating departure from the standard fare of MIDI/WAV studio packages, with its extremely intuitive user interface. It was positioned, at that time, at the cutting edge in this new field.

By the time Version 2 came out, Stormís limitations became glaring as other programs made significant advances. This upgrade was anticipated by the hopeful as one where Storm could regain its rightful position at the top. But alas, it wasnít much of an upgrade at all... fool me once.

Over two years passed before Version 3 was announced. Amongst other things, it promised advances that really should have happened in Version 2. But whoĎs counting, thought the eternally hopeful like myself -- Storm is a great concept and as soon as they get it right, it will at least be a cult hero in the now-enormous home studio field.

But alas (again), while they got most of the advances right in theory, they were half-baked in their execution. In my case, also for some others, the product is completely unusable. It canít even keep up with itself, even with simple tasks like playing a drum & bass sequence with no live audio.

And so far, just like with Storm 2, Arturia doesnít exhibit the slightest interest in problems with their product, let alone release a maintenance upgrade... fool me twice.

Iíve been monitoring this forum and the Arturia upgrade page for a sign of life, but it would seem that they are as uninterested as the public in a product that could have been a shining star. I give up.

As a parting comment, I would like to wish Arturia the failure they have been trying so hard to achieve... youíre almost there!


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