August 10, 2022, 12:07:58 pm
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Author Topic: triggering an ARTURIA synth with acoustic drums but controlling pitch on keyboa  (Read 1920 times)


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HI all
I'm desperately trying with my band to trigg a vst or au synth (precisely arturia would be the best) with an acoustic drum. Until there, nothing very complicated but that's the thing:

While i want my drum trigger to trigg the notes of the synth (just on/off) I want be able to chose which notes are played with my keyboard.

To be specific, my drummer plays, on each kick drum played, one note is played on miniMg for example but according to the note I'm playing at the same time on my keyboard :)

The only way to do it for the moment was with the ARP2600 using External in patched in S/H GATE but it's not perfect yet. Two things I want to solve:

1 - by using this method, the notes are played in latch mode while I'd like them momentary (I mean when I press a key and the drummer plays kick, it plays a note, while for the moment notes are played every time even when I release the keys on my keyboard)

2 - other thing but seems more difficult to obtain, I'd like to have sound even when he don't plays the drums...

some ARP2600 programmer genius around here?? :) :) :)


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