October 23, 2017, 02:07:14 pm
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Author Topic: Does the MiniBrute receive the MIDI Pitch Bend Range message?  (Read 1162 times)


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The official MIDI specification contains a setting for MIDI Pitch Bend range to be set through Registered Parameter  Number (0,0). The data MSB is the number of semitones deflection in one direction. This is also part of the General MIDI standard, but is implemented on many non-GM synths with good MIDI implementations as well.

Example use (numbers in hexadecimal, n is MIDI channel number):

Bn 65 00
Bn 64 00
Bn 06 02
Bn 26 00

The above sets the pitch bend range to 2 semitones in each direction. The LSB data byte is normally considered optional.

It is very useful to be able to set pitch bend range remotely through MIDI, especially using the standard mechanism. Does the MIDIBrute support the MIDI Pitch Bend Range message?



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