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Author Topic: How do I save pattern changes?  (Read 1510 times)


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How do I save pattern changes?
« on: July 29, 2012, 07:35:43 am »

New to Spark (software only). Using AU on Lion 10.7.4, with Live 8.

I choose a kit in Spark and change pattern, to, say, Bank A Pattern 3. I save that in Live.

Next time I load the my saved Live project, Spark plays Bank A pattern 1.

Just to check that it is not a Live problem, I tried the same in Garageband, and got the same result.

Spark surely cannot be designed to work in this way, so I must be doing something wrong?



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Re: How do I save pattern changes?
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2012, 02:08:42 pm »
Hi, welcome ....

Saving patterns are just a case of clicking 'save' on the Spark GUI. It then gives you the option to save, or save as.

But i think you're referring to 'follow song' in a DAW which at present it cannot do.
Have a look at the thread here

This goes through how you can map patterns and banks to midi numbers to therefore mimicking 'follow song' By saving a blank pattern at the beginning and end of your song would also give you a start and stop.

Command click each pattern(Mac), this gives you the learn function, click 'Learn', it then highlights blue saying 'Learning', hit a midi note on a midi control keyboard, it then gives you the midi note number it has learned

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