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Author Topic: Spark Hybrid Giveaway.  (Read 762 times)


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Spark Hybrid Giveaway.
« on: July 03, 2012, 07:07:10 pm »
Now that the June 30th deadline has passed I want to share something with you:

As one of many displeased Arturia Origin owners (I was coaxed on by an ambitious development timeline proposed by Arturia with an array of features long past due ... still not seen in the new 1.4 update) I've grown a general displeasure brought on by what I would consider a mutiny by Arturia for their flagship product.

Though people like Phillippe have taken great strides to please the Origin user base, the distaste for dropping so much money on a product full of broken promises and dropped deadlines is almost too much to bare.

When the announcement was made for the Hybrid madness my brain instantly went "Here's a chance to fuck those pricks" knowing full well that I could buy a Spark unit from my local music store, register online, get my free V2 collection then return the Spark for my full refund at the music store.

All of which I was fully intent on doing UNTIL I got my hands on the Spark unit.

One month later I've passed on any chance to return it for a refund. I'm in love with this little thing. This jaded-old-asshole has fallen in love with Arturia again! But please, please, you have money-makers in Spark and Minibrute, dedicate some more time and resources towards Origin 1.5.


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Re: Spark Hybrid Giveaway.
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2012, 08:57:04 pm »


Im looking forward to receiving mine , can youuse the knobs on the Spark as MIDI controllers for the soft synths?


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