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Author Topic: Origin Firmware 1.4 Pre Release 8  (Read 5970 times)


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Re: Origin Firmware 1.4 Pre Release 8
« Reply #15 on: June 18, 2012, 04:19:25 pm »
yes, that is correct, it always comes up at 120,  in ver 1.4 even  though i changed the setting to 80. now on 1.35 i can set it to whatever, and it works.

Maybe the "Global Synchro" parameters was not set at "Intern" after the update? If this parameter was set to "Preset" then the 120 value would be the expected one, this is the default BPM in that case. At next update here I'll check the value of this setting, it should be set at "Intern".

also any idea how i lost my play / stop led. it worked fine before i loaded the new ver.1.4 and the reason i went back to 1.35 was to see if the led light would come back, but it is still off. but it works.

No idea, sorry. I'll have soon to downgrade a machine from 1.4.0 to 1.3.50, so I'll check this LED at that occasion.

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Re: Origin Firmware 1.4 Pre Release 8
« Reply #16 on: June 22, 2012, 08:09:00 pm »
just a kind thank you for your hard work... I finally bought the Origin Keyboard about a month ago, and love it. I own all the Arturia virtual instruments, but the keyboard is really very cool, and I own easily $50K worth of hardware here. It's a keeper.

Just wanted to say thanks for your continued development. My top wants are the SEM stuff you're doing now, and then the CS80 template as my #1 want for the Origin.

Thanks again
awesome product!



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Re: Origin Firmware 1.4 Pre Release 8
« Reply #17 on: June 23, 2012, 10:52:41 pm »
I second that! Thank you Philippe. My Origin Keyboard just arrived a few days ago and I have been in a state of awe and bliss ever since. It is without a doubt one of the greatest synthesizers in history.

I just spent 2 hours with the "SEM 8voicepad" patch, turning up the SEM filter resonance and listening to the very unique way this filter rings through the oscillator beats, and just its overall multimodal awesomeness. That filter alone should win Arturia some kind of AES award, and it's just 1% of what makes up the Origin.

I love the VoiceModulator and the way it cycles through the voices, panning them to different parts of the stereo field, and allowing for each voice to have its own characteristics just like on the original.

My main passion is for the CS-80, and having had my hands on the Origin Keyboard I finally feel like I can stop watching eBay auctions for an original analog one. The CS oscs , filters and ring mod sound fantastic. Not having a CS80 Origin template would be ok, but  to have the authentic CS80 experience I really think we need a CS80 style voice allocation, because it is so unique and musical.

The "Reset" voice mode on the CS-80v uses a very simple and elegant algorithm that is the closest I've seen to a real CS80 in SUSTAIN II mode: If it is set to 8-voice polyphony and the voices are numbered 1-8, the next played note(s) will simply grab the lowest-numbered available voice(s) and "steal" them (if they are still Releasing), with the Attack picking up where the Release left off (like a mono synth in "legato" mode). This ensures using the same voice card(s) when playing a melody line, or chord progression and makes a huge difference with slow-Release sounds or playing with sustain pedal. It is very musically useful (and a feature that surprisingly few polysynths have)
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