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Author Topic: Storm 3 Thoughts!  (Read 2128 times)


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Storm 3 Thoughts!
« on: August 11, 2004, 11:13:25 pm »
Hi fellas,

Having been a Storm user for quite a while (and being a Storm Fan ever since its 1.0 release way back in 1998), I was extremely excited about the V 3.0 incarnation. After getting my upgrade, I made a cup of coffee and installed the program (what no box with the upgrade, Arturia?).

I am happy to report that for all of us who know and love Storm, this is the most powerful version yet, since the 4 limit restriction is now gone. This in itself was enough motivation for me to upgrade, but there are a myriad other additions such as the Midi Synth as well as the much improved MIDI sequencing. Even though my favourite Computer Music gave the new version of Storm a 7/10, I think its easily atleast an 8. Its interesting to note that Storm 2 recieved an 8 as well as a Smart Buy award by the same magazine some time back, so you'd think a hypercharged version would get more marks.

I did, however see their point when they said that they were expecting newer and more complex modules even though I for one wasn't. The simplicity and ease of use of Storm's modules was always a key feature and essential for the beginner as well as the more advanced muso. All I knew was unlimited modules equals more power.

Interestingly enough, Storm 1.0 recieved Platinum and Key Buy awards by both Future Music and Keyboard mag respectively when it was first reveiwed.

I also use Reason as well as Ableton Live and still find a place for Storm in my recordings, just by virtue of the fact that it has several unique sounding modules and is always fun to use. It's great for the beginner, and just as suitable for Pro musicians. It's obviously been around a while (1998-long time in computer music terms), and since the updates have been incremental rather than developmental, that may explain why some people may not find it as ground breaking as it once was. Me, I have always been fond of Storm, whether it was for the Scratch effect, or the Orpheus Synth (used to be called Morpheus-awarded a platinum award in Future music for the synth alone), or the funky effects.

I recently released my debut dance album in Pakistan, and it featured several Storm sounds including Orpheus basslines, meteor kicks, and even sratches. How you use it is upto you, but to roughly quote Keyboard mag, Storm is "one of the best bangs for the buck in software land".



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