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Author Topic: Problems with the vst window in Cubase  (Read 1716 times)


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Problems with the vst window in Cubase
« on: December 17, 2011, 08:11:27 pm »

I do have the following issue, which does affect both my Arturia products, the CS80-V and also the Mg Modular V2.
I am running them with Cubase 5 on a 64bit machine with Windows 7, 16GB RAM, Quadcore@2.93 GHz each, displayed on a 24' screen.

Loading my vst instruments it happens (often) that in the window popping up, only part of the instruments' graphical user interface is displayed. It would look as if it had been misplaced in the window: While the cubase window itself seems to be of accurate size, the gui of the arturia vst instruments' right lower edge starts (for instance) somewhere in the middle of the cubase window and thus part on the left and upper side of the instrument gui are hidden and not accessible. Mostly closing and reopening the vst instrument window will resolve the problem.
Is this an issue of the instrument or do you know of any settings that might affect this?
Actually I can hardly believe that the failure might be caused by hardware and or system settings as I do have no issues at all with my other vst instruments, but both my Arturia products are affected. Thus my conclusion is that there is some problem with your product and I would like to have them ressolved as I love their sound and also I had come upon the situation where the issue was not resolved by closing and reopening the window. Only after the third restart of Cubase I could (while it happened again) resolve it through those actions. You will understand that this is quite annoying.
Now as I - after a quick search - couldn't find other users that posted a similar problem I must assume that it is the combination of my specific hard- and software and your plugins. So if you need additional information about my system, please let me know.

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