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Author Topic: Some last important Questions about the Origin before buying  (Read 1672 times)


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Hi there
I perhabs will buy a arturia origin, because i very like that way of concept with the modular system and the amazing possibilities behind that.

So I've some important Questions for me,  about the actually Firmware and about the future of the origin:

1) How does it looks with the Automation of parameters from the Origin in Logic, cutoff, Resonance, Filters, Effect, LFO parameters? (Total Integration?)

2) Can the Arpeggiator of the Origin be synched via the Daw Clock as Clockmaster? (sry for that basic question)

3) Is it possible to produce some unique templates without (or with) a graphic layout and save them as template ?

4) Is there a keytrigger modul for oscilators ?

5) Is it possible to ringmodulate or Sync Occilators and very important is it possible to use a Oscillator to Trigger the Suboscilators waveform.

6) are there a Soft- and a Hard- Sync mode usuable?

7) How long is it planed to support and produce firmware updates with new modules, bugfixes, etc.  Will there be more updates after the 1.5 version?
   i've found this on the german Product Site

Hopely uh guys stay long time true to the great origin concept and let the communities and the firmware and synth of course groow up the potential is already there and i really think u guys could write a new era of sound synthesis.

thank you for answers :D
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Re: Some last important Questions about the Origin before buying
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2011, 04:19:40 pm »
Short reply to this second question and sorry, not very good answer:

(2) I have tried to sync it in Logic but there are always some problems with it. I am not very good in Logic (in fact I've started to hate it and especially its horrible manual or "help" documents  >:(  ). Anyway I am afraid it won't be easy...


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Re: Some last important Questions about the Origin before buying
« Reply #2 on: June 04, 2011, 07:51:53 am »
Some quick notes about your questions:

1. I am using Cubase 5.5 and CC were send and received by the Origin. It works as for any other synth which is able to send  an receive Control Changes. Total integration as know from the Virus is not given yet, but it was promised.

2. Yes. Both ways, but it makes more sense to use the DAW as master and the origin as slave for midi clock.

3. It should be possible according the notes of the last firmware upgrade. I haven't tested it yet. But you can use any Patch as template. Just assign and turn knobs as you desire and save as new patch.

4. yes. the keyboard follower module (giving you actually 4 keyboard followers) can be connected to oscilator parameters.

5. There is a ringmodulator modul and you can sync oscilators. You can connect oscilator parameter to an other oscilator.

6. Yes.

7. Everybody here expects this. The timeline is a weak point at Arturia. The development is far beyond all the promises. On the other side Arturia is good for some surprising in their firmware updates as far as unannounced features are included from time to time. At the moment Origin runs stable here and still sounds outstanding.



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Re: Some last important Questions about the Origin before buying
« Reply #3 on: June 05, 2011, 07:26:45 am »
To clarify,

6.  Yes - but hard sync only.

I'm hoping that the team implements some sort of soft sync capability in some future update.  I can simulate a very nice soft sync-ish sound on my KORG Radias, but it would be nice to have the real deal.
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