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Author Topic: Already Known (and Fixed) Issues  (Read 3976 times)


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Already Known (and Fixed) Issues
« on: February 23, 2011, 05:27:35 pm »
Hi All,
in this topic, you can see all the issues that we already fixed. The list will be updated each time we solve a bug.

[Edit] I added the issues that appears mostly and that we will fix first.

-Unexpected Loop Msg displayed in song mode when changing pattern
-Logic sync problem when setting position negative or resetting to 0
-LCD messages fixes (flicking when using dial and word corrections)

- For Rex Files with more than 16 samples, velocity on layers was set wrong making multiplie layers audible at same time
- When song mode is on loading a Project or Kit stops song while song button is still blinking (Songs is not stopped any more)
- When deleting a bank, patterns length and resolution are reset to 16 and 1/16 ( There are not reset anymore)
- Added a preference for the dial loading modes : the dial can switch from instrument to kit mode (normal) or from instrument to project mode (new)
- Some parameters have no value displayed when twicked or show 0-1 instead of ON-OFF (i.e. Song mode)
- New tweaked version of all projects
- When activating beat crusher too early it could result in no sound: Just after launching Spark, without pressing play, set the slicer - Bit Crusher on, click on a Fxpad position and press play, after 1 measure no sound is audible.
- Sound card and Midi settings are not remembered after relaunch
- When clicking on the Drum Icon in the studio view or in the technoBox view with roller effect is on, the roll is not stopped when mouse is released
- Setting Mute/Solo on the main panel, then setting some pads mute/solo on, then press mute/solo again doesn't reset the mute/solo in the mixer
- When setting song position using step sequencer on the main panel, not all positions are accessible using << and >> buttons

- Sequencer part navigation goes throw unexacting steps
- Some knobs (metronome/gain) move when volume knob is moving
- Setting metronome on sometimes generates a high DB sound and cut normal Spark audio
- Bit crusher reacts in different ways depending on project loaded
- Beat repeater click when releasing the mouse or hand for X/Y pad
- Default project auto-load when using Spark in Plug-in mode
- Roller set to "not always" as default
- 17 letters word changed to 16 for LCD
- Rex 64 bits Win/Mac
- Signature change can crash Spark
- Loop stays on after a project load
- Patterns buttons blink when loading a new project
- Closing and opening Spark Plug-in window while seq is on, stop button is on and play button off
- Loaded project not always centered in the library project list (i.e. after a fresh load)
- Mute/Solo bugs when set from mixer/studio or sequencer panels
- New more consistent Mute/Solo/Select behaviour (Select function doesn't unset mute and solo instruments)

- Random first Loop step when loop is set on
- Labels moving one or two pixels into Song panel, LCD..
- Backgrounds Studio popup menu showing when not expected
- Current project name not always shown in the library coverflow
- Mac Vst 64 bit support
- Song panel Gui CPu optimization
- Playing all steps of all 16 instruments sometimes mute one or several instruments
- Sporadic Random crash during preset load

- Export audio from Spark Plug-in to host crashes occasionally
- Sync in host lost after Export audio from Spark Plug-in (new bug in Beta 5)
- Mixer Faders moves at mouse position when clicking
- CPU optimization on Mac VST and AU (including Mixer High Cpu)
- White screens in Live
- Pattern switch broken in some situation (different pattern signatures...)
- Some steps not played in Plug-in mode (more easy to reproduce in Logic AU but exists in all plug-in configuration)
- Pattern switch in mode "instantaneously" comes back to the first pattern after played the new one

- Added Bit Crusher effect on Slicer
- Tape Length on Slicer
- Pads information for Slicer
- Sequencer Hangs when switching pattern that use different resolution
- Main Volume wasn't diplayed in dB
- First beat doesn't play on first start
- Changing drum type doesn't update drum image on projects (on some project)
- Changing drum type to Fx doesn't work
- In Studio changing a drum to Fx or Perc adds 2 perc and Fx sub menus
- Synth Drum correctly renamed in Synth View
- loud squeal when loading project with Chorus Fx
- Moving Parameter Knobs in edit view while no automation are set
- Techno box not visible in studio while 2 columns of drums are visible
- Crash in Cubase when ticking "create midi track" while adding Spark plug-in

- GM drum mapping option for pads

- impossible to decrease audio unit GUI size after increased it.
- only one MIDI controller available in standalone
- Project image in Song view is not updated
- Wheel doesn't display same type instruments as first
- Rex crash when importing high resolution or too long rex files
- Decay too short when importing rex on analog instruments

FIXED FOR BETA 2 - (delivery 1st of March):
- Crash when opening/closing the top(Sequencer/Song/Pref)/bottom(Studio/Mixer/Library) view
- Crash when Closing/Hiding Spark plug-in into host and load Spark Project from the host
- Crash when importing Rex file (Mac OS X)
- Crash when loading a preset before the end of a previous load
- Logic "out of memory" when trying to reopen GUI or saving
- Freq Shit param instead of Freq Shift
- Refresh sample waveshape after unload
- Save chosen Studio background
- sync in vst mode
- Crash when CTRL+Click on Library Buttons
- Library path not saved after install in Mac OS X

- Library path not saved after install in Windows
- Nothing happens when importing Rex File in 64bits
- multiout (last output doesn't work in Logic)
- time signature change in vst
- New project items listed in dropdown menus
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