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Author Topic: brass 2.0.5 with Pro Tools 9 is working fine !  (Read 1787 times)


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brass 2.0.5 with Pro Tools 9 is working fine !
« on: January 05, 2011, 10:40:25 am »
hello brass 2 users ! hello arturia ! I am checking out brass 2 at the moment on my system running pro tools 9 ... just want to let you know everything now works ! Mac Pro 8core 2.66, 9GB Ram, running Pro Tools 9 HD... Brass 2.0.5 isn't crashing anymore instead I can use it as a very fine virtual instrument and I still have plenty of RTAS capabilities for other virtual instruments and plugins. any other users expirienced the same with new pro tools 9?  ;D happy new year ! Matt


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Re: brass 2.0.5 with Pro Tools 9 is working fine !
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2011, 10:44:06 pm »
Hi Matt, Glad it is going well for you, but sad to say, a bunch of us are not faring so well.... My recent post:

"Submit your technical problems to other users, ask them for help and suggestions."

That's the sign on the front door of this place. I guess the techs are not included  Shocked

I'm Running Pro Tools 9 on a iMac7, 10.6.4 OS. 2.93Ghz, 8 processors and 16GB of RAM. A monster that when handling 16 tracks with 2 plugins on each track, it will run at a cool 12% CPU usage.

However, Since I loaded Brass 2(no sound,crash), 2.0.1(dist. sound,crash) and 2.0.5(sound,crash) well, it doesn't work good at all. Load a riff in the Brass2 window, and try to play it from there, the CPU goes Ba-Ba-Ba-Zerk! Jumps from 5% to 99%, peaks the meter, very unstable, leave it alone for 5 minutes and it locks up and crashes. EXACTLY like the sound that comes out of the monitors, choppy and staggered. Nothing smooth.  Angry

Any Ideas on what I need to shut off, remove, and such? Or maybe put it on eBay via Caveat Emptor for some other "user" to enjoy. I have been reading all of the posts regarding this EXACT problem and gentlemen, someone please wake up and verify that we are screwed.  Roll Eyes That's all we ask for, a little kiss....  Kiss Maybe you can send those two Japanese fellows on your promo video over! And have em' bring the bazillion TB 3000 core processor-ed computer with em!  Grin

Cant really give an opinion of the sound quality as it is unfair while it's sputtering on 3 cylinders. Sorry, but "General Midi"  Lips sealed  comes to mind at this point...

Thank you for the soon arriving diagnosis!



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