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Author Topic: How difficult is tech support supposed to be? Attn Antoine  (Read 1979 times)


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How difficult is tech support supposed to be? Attn Antoine
« on: January 31, 2010, 01:10:36 am »
I hate posting stuff like this.

I am a paying user of CS80, Prophet V, MM, Arp 2600V and JP8V.  I bought the Arp  2600 V and got the Prophet V free in a 2 for 1 deal maybe 18-24 months ago. 

I registered the Prophet V on the Arturia website.  I got the syncrosoft license code.  I did everything I was supposed to do.  Then in a fit of cleaning up my mailbox, I accidentally deleted the email with the Arturia SN for the Prophet V. For reasons unknown, the 2600 V showed up correctly on the Arturia website.  The Prophet V did not.  I immediately contacted Arturia. 

I have written 12 or more times.  Always stating the facts above.  Always asking "If I give you my syncrosoft ID, can you please help me retrieve my Arturia reg info so I can get the registration right on your website?" 

I have tried and tried and tried.  I am fed up.  It cannot be this hard.  No company can be this careless about customer relationships.  This is beyond ridiculous. 

Maybe the people that read the emails are in Antarctica and do not comprehend English or any written language.  Maybe they do not understand the question.

But after nearly 2 years of writing and writing and writing, I am begining to believe that they just hate their customers. 

There - I said it. 

You guys make great products, but your customer service deserves an F.  I want to upgrade my Prophet V.  I cannot do it.  I own it legally.  You won't help. 

Unless I can get someone to respond with a solution instead of a canned answer like "take your registration code and enter it on our website...." I cannot find the email with the original registration code.  But I can provide the syncrosoft and the reg on the Arp2600V that I purchased at the same time. 

How hard is this? 

I wanted to buy the miniMg.  I'm not doing it.  Someone who actually listens to customers will get my money.  I had thought of adding the Origin.  Again, no sale. 

I am not a vindictive person.  I am not some kid (I am 53) who got this off a torrent.  I am a paying customer that has had his fill of asking for a simple assistance to a simple problem. 

Unless I can get someone to fix this, (A) Arturia has permanently lost a customer and (B) I am going on a mission to inform everyone I can find on every forum I can find of THE FACTS. 

I really wish things had not worked out like this.  I like the products.  But right now I so despise the company that I cannot use them without having my blood boil. 

I have added this part of the initial post to beg you for help.  I am so frustrated with dealing with Arturia through the internet portal. 

I can provide all the info about my Prophet V registration (the syncrosoft registration, the Arp 2600 V SN - which was one of the two I bought on the 2:1 purchase...) just not the original serial number on the Prophet V. 

People say you are an honorable guy.  Please help me. 
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Re: How difficult is tech support supposed to be?
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2010, 06:17:50 am »
You registered the Prophet V on the website, so you can get the serial number from your account then? That should help your cause if you include that in your correspondence.

Anyway, PM Antoine. He's pretty good about looking into customer issues and getting them sorted out.


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Re: How difficult is tech support supposed to be?
« Reply #2 on: January 31, 2010, 04:48:38 pm »
I registered it, but it did not register correctly.  All my other products registered correctly.  Prophet V is not showing up. 

I do not know why that one disappeared.  I have my registration info on everything else. 

I need to retrieve my registration info on the Prophet V from the time of the sale.  I have the registration info on the Arp 2600V when I did the 2:1 thing when they offered it. 

I will try Antoine.  Tech Support via the web is useless.  I have tons of emails that are nothing more than canned responses.  No one has ever really tried to fix this. 

FWIW - I have been emailing them since I first noticed that Prophet V was not showing up in my account on the Arturia website.  It was never urgent until the new version came out and I am not able to upgrade.  But I started this process the day I installed - telling them that I had registered, but something was wrong - it wasn't showing up.  And for some stupid reason on my part, I had deleted the email with the registration info. 


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Re: How difficult is tech support supposed to be? Attn Antoine
« Reply #3 on: February 01, 2010, 09:50:40 am »
Weird, as we never received any inquiry from you at the Tech Support desk. However, after some deeper investigation in all services, I found one message dated early January, sent to the webmaster, which had not been transferred rightly (and *this* is not good, I must admit). I then just took it in charge, you should receive a response posted to your email address within a couple of hours.
Once again, and as specified, don't use the Company > Contact page to get technical assistance, but rather connect to your account and require from there.
All the best,


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Re: How difficult is tech support supposed to be? Solved - Thanks Antoine!
« Reply #4 on: February 03, 2010, 12:29:08 am »
Case closed
Antoine I sincerely appreciate your help.  I have written under my real name (and sent you a follow up email from that address) for 2 years.  I am glad we made contact because I was getting very frustrated.  I wish I had looked to the forums earlier.  Whomever was getting my emails before just sent canned answers, none of which helped. 

Thanks so much.  PV registered and updated.  Now to find my credit card and get that MiniMg. 


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