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Author Topic: Request : envelope module enhancement  (Read 1603 times)


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Request : envelope module enhancement
« on: November 17, 2008, 12:44:47 pm »
The current Origin's envelope is "one sided", that is the envelope shifts the frequencies to higher frequencies when the Amount value is positive or to lower frequencies when the Amount value is negative.

The VCF envelope of the original CS80 is "double sided": it can start below the "normal frequencies", then shift above, then get back to normal during sustain and finally end below (when IL and AL are set to non zero values).

I tried to simulate this behaviour combining the Origin's envelope and a CS80 filter. To do this I shifted the frequencies of the CS80 filter module down to compensate. It's really tricky as we have to handle two modules (the envelope and the filter) for this and the result is not that good.

So, here is the request:
Origin' envelope module could have two modes.
The mode 1 is like it is now.
In mode 2, it would work more like the CS80's VCF filter.

More precisely:
Mode 1       Mode 2
Attack time Attack time
Decay time Decay time
Sustain levelUnused
Release timeRelease time
Predecay timeInitial level (-5 to 0)
Predecay levelAfter level (0 to 5)
Slope UpSlope Up
Slope DownSlope Down
Output amountOutput amount (but applied to IL and AL)

(If the cost is not too high, Predecay (time+level) could be kept and IL+AL added instead of replacing it)

Even if a template for the CS80 is scheduled, having this kind of envelope on its own would be of interest as it would give the "normal" role to the sustain interval (as opposed to the before attack/after release intervals used in the current module.)
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