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Author Topic: Third Time's a Charm?  (Read 723 times)


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Third Time's a Charm?
« on: February 22, 2014, 12:05:15 am »
Just wanted to put this out there for anyone else who may be getting frustrated by a need for some more quality assurance.

Ordered a Microbrute a couple weeks ago off a reputable seller on eBay and it showed up a week later.  Plugged it in and it has a very audible "whine" coming from the unit when no keys are pressed.  Another user describes this issue in a thread right below this one.  After some troubleshooting, I determined that the issue was coming from the Ultrasaw function.  Turned down, no whine.  Turned up, the whine appears.  Instead of complementing the Saw oscillator, the Ultrasaw was bleeding through the VCA permanently.  Turning the volume knob to 100% eliminated the issue, but as the other user on this forum noted, that's not really a good solution...

Sent the unit back to get a replacement from the eBay seller.  Just showed up last night and the whine is gone.  Awesome.

But now my Square Wave Oscillator produces no sound whatsoever.  Not Awesome.

I contacted the seller and they are going to send another unit out in advance and contact Arturia for a shipping return label as I'm not willing to pay to have this thing shipped cross-country for a THIRD time...

Just want to put this out there because despite how awesome we all know this synth is, it's very very concerning for a first-time buyer like myself that two units in a row have serious defects.  It's a $300 synth, a great affordable price but nothing to sneeze at, and I think for that price tag, we should at least expect some proper QA before these units are shipped out to market.

Currently waiting on my THIRD Microbrute to arrive.  If there are any issues whatsoever, I'll be taking my money elsewhere and finding something more reliable.
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