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Author Topic: AF keyboard HW reinitialization: aftertouch, pitch wheel, sliders messed up  (Read 3905 times)


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Hi everybody.
I need to hardware re-initialize the Arturia 32 keys keyboard because it no longer sends "Aftertouch/Channel Pressure message" and also the Pitch wheel and siders need reset/recalibration.
In facts at the beginning, I could use and appreciate the aftertouch effect with Garageband instruments and also the accuracy of the Pitch Wheel.
I also used a MIDI Message Screening program (Midi Monitor 1.2.4 by Snooze Production) to monitor midi messages and verified the presence Aftertouch Channel Pressure message (between 0 and 127) and the Pitch Wheel messages (between -8192 and 8191).

Then I wanted to re-calibrate the aftertouch effect as explained on page 45 of the manual, but I could not complete the described procedure because I experienced a different behavior of the keyboard leds.

I pressed both Level Knob push button & Shift button and powered on the keyboard: after releasing the two buttons, I got only 2 led active, just the Shift Button led and Shapshot #3 Button led (and not a row of active leds as described on the manual).
Now, pressing a key did not make any led to "show" the force used (again a different behavior in respect of what described on the manual).
So I started to make some experiments and pushing here and there, I found out the following:
Moving the Pitch Wheel made the Snapshot #3 Button led to switch off and the Snapshot #1 Button to switch on.
Moving Mod Wheel turned on the Snapshot Button #2 and off the #1.
Pressing a key (white or black) with some force, made Snapshot Button #3 to turn on again.
Moving the Envelope Sliders made Snapshot Buttons #5,6,7, and 8 to turn on (only one at a time).
I could also make Snapshot Button #4 to switch on when I used an expression pedal.
The Shift Button Led remained always switched on.

So I realized that the Snapshot Button active led was representing which control was selected (so to select a control you just needed to move it and check if the corresponding led got active).
Unfortunately after some tries, I could not figure out how to proceed and calibrate the selected control: the only working button seemed to be the Level Knob push button, used to exit this hardware setup mode.

The problem is that now the keyboard seems to have lost the ability to send Aftertouch message: and also the Pitch Wheel shows issues (it only works in "increasing pitch" direction when I use it with a DAW).

Finally, only sliders 3 and 4 works: moving sliders 1 and 2 seem to have no effect.
I used again my Midi Monitor to screen midi messages and verified the presence of an Aftertouch Channel Pressure message but always with a Pressure Value of 0.
Also the Pitch Wheel shows a "bias" because its range is no longer between -8192 and 8191, but only between 47 and 8191 (and now the transition between the values is a jump, and not as smooth as in the beginning).
Slides 1 and 2 shows no messages.

Of course I used Arturia Midi Control Center and pressed both "default values" and "send to keyboard" buttons to reset the keyboard, but this did not fixed the problem.

So how I need to re-initialise the keyboard: on the manual - aftertouch page - it is stated that the non-volatile memory used to store personal calibration can be reset thru "reinitialization", but I could not find on the manual how to perform it.

I also need of the correct procedure to calibrate the potentiometers (on Arturia knowledge base I found a procedure to do it for The Laboratory Keyboards, but it is not suitable for my 32 keys keyboard).

Any suggestion really appreciated: few days ago I submitted my case to Arturia tech-dep. thru my account page with the official online form, but I got no reply so far.

Thank you in advance and best regards.
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Did you get an answer? I've got the same problem.



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Have you got an answer about that? I've got the same problem.



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The good news is that Arturia replied and I was able to reset the KEYBOARD to factory setting with the following steps:
1) Connect the keyboard to a USB port and check you can swich on the keyboard (I mean the USB port must provide sufficient power supply to switch on the keyboard leds)
2) Swich off the keyboard
3) Press '+' and '-' together
4) Keep them pressed, swich on the keyboard and wait a moment: you should see some led blinking for few seconds
5) When the blinking ends, release '+' and '-' and you are done.
Sometimes you need to do disconnect the keyboard from the USB port and do the procedure again from step 1 to step 5, but I've always been successful in resetting the keyboard this way.

The bad news is that I gave up understanding how to set custom setting to the potentiometer of whatever type (aftertouch, pitch wheel, sliders, etc.)
As per my post, the aftertouch custom setting procedure on the manual seems not working the way described and the keyboard behaviuor is not  as expected (or I'm doing something wrong I can not understand).
Unfortunately, I can not get any update from Arturia about this issue.
If you solve it, please let me know.

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A little update on how to set aftertouch and velocity curves on the Analog Factory Keyboard 32



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I just see this,
If I understand you have trouble setting the Analog Factory to some custom seetings.
Have you tried the pre release version of MMC?

Also I will forward to the support so they maybe can help better.

Adrien Courdavault
DSP & Software engineer


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