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Author Topic: Free Speech Forum  (Read 2461 times)


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Free Speech Forum
« on: August 26, 2006, 08:24:59 pm »
I can appreciate the fact that this is a general forum and one is "free" to express one's self as long as it is within the guidelines of good taste and mutual respect.  I am more than mildly surprised that there isn't very active participation in Arturia's forums considering the quality of product.  Perhaps that's the problem - unlike NI, where everyone is constantly griping, the majority of Arturia customers appear to be relatively pleased with customer response and support.  Not  a bad thing nowadays.

My reason for posting is that I find it extremely distasteful and rude to see all of these totally unrelated sluts and salespeople peddling their pathetic wares in a forum that should be dedicated to the advancement of making music.  It's sort of like a cell phone going off during the best part of a movie or a telemarketer calling just as you sit down to eat.

I don't know what can be done to eliminate this problem.   Maybe I'm just one of the very few that it bothers.  I wonder that perhaps the reason Arturia's forums are not more active is that participants are tired of sorting through the crap to get to the significant posts.

'Nuff said - if the issue important enough, it'll be taken care of.

Peace, all.


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Free Speech Forum
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2006, 10:39:06 pm »
I definitely agree with you.
Now Arturia forums became the world of spammers.
We can't avoid supporting them when we check our e-mails
and now we even find them in Arturia forum.
I posted some dirty answers to them recently, hoping it could be
noticed by the moderator, for he could throw away these silly topics.
But it doesn't happen, I think now users are tired to see this
and such forum are now useful maybe for people looking for
discounted viagra or for people looking for any uncomon sexual
performance, but not for musicians.
Hope a day it could change.
prophetV, Jupiter8V, SEMV


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