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Author Topic: | Arturia Musical Instruments | Faulty software/product - Signing  (Read 1309 times)


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Arturia Musical Instruments is a prime example of how a software/hardware company is completely oblivious and negligent towards not only their consumer base but their community as well. I have set up a petition that explains and shows how they have been reacting or should I say not reacting towards people who have put down hard earned cash. A product that promised to deliver but has failed to do so.

Anyone who owns this product or has owned it in the past will know what I am talking about. This issue doesn't just reside in their MiniLab or MiniBrute series. There are multiple factors to this and different products which suffer from these annoying glitches and bugs. I have owned two products from this company and both have failed to deliver. The MiniBrute and the MiniLab. Frédéric Brun and Gilles Pommereuil (owners) seem to be stuck in their own reality, acting as if nothing has happened or at worse just ignoring these issues.


Please sign this petition so that our voices could be heard. This issue has been pushed back and ignored for too long. Considering how quick the company is eager to take our money but fail to provide a functional product is completely and utterly ridiculous. The real question and concern here is, why is a product that doesn't function still being sold in the USA/EU/Asia etc.?

This is fraud to the highest extent throughout multiple continents.


Signing this will get the right coverage, and getting a piece of mind.
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Re: | Arturia Musical Instruments | Faulty software/product - Signing
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Says your petition is closed, just so ya know.


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Re: | Arturia Musical Instruments | Faulty software/product - Signing
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Your petition is closed. Pay attention! People want to sign it.


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