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Author Topic: Analog Factory locking up blank on startup Windows 7  (Read 2565 times)


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Analog Factory locking up blank on startup Windows 7
« on: October 01, 2013, 04:00:04 am »
Analog Factory 2.5.1 is now starting up and locking up after it says initialization is completed. The working window comes up blank. If I go into the Standalone settings file and remove the text "ASIO4All V2" (leaving the quotes in place) then I can start Analog Factory properly, but it will not produce any sound until I select the ASIO4All driver. If I reset it to <no driver> and close it, it can then be opened OK, but if it is already set to ASIO4All it will lock up. Windows 7 x64, Realtek audio. I am using ASIO4All V2 and have not had this problem before. The other Arturia instruments are functioning properly, except they can only use ASIO4All. I tried setting them to Windows Audio or Direct Sound to test, but they all say those devices cannot be accessed with an error number of negative two billion. Other software synthesizers such as Korg, Native Instruments, and Elektrostudio work with either ASIO4All or MME, although Direct Sound produces no sound when selected. There is no problem at all in my Windows XP x64 computer regardless of which sound device is selected. I am going to try reinstalling the audio drivers in the Windows 7 computer. Has anyone else had any problems with Windows 7 when using ASIO4All?


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