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Author Topic: Points after my first experiences with KeyLab 61  (Read 1266 times)


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Points after my first experiences with KeyLab 61
« on: September 26, 2013, 08:56:32 am »

I want to mention things that are not correctly adressed by KL61 software and its presets saving operation :
after having programmed the keyboard in MCC I send it to KL61 via "send" button. At this point MCC does its job and KL61 receives data well. problem occurs when trying to save the config into KL61 presets :

- only preset 00 is able to memorize the data. it doesn't work on any of the others available (from 01 to 10).

- pead sustain configuration is not correctly memorized : i have a Nord Lead pedal which is has an inversed polarity compared to KL61 standard. so in MCC I inverse the LSB and MSB values LSB is now 127 and MSB is O. Sending this to KL61 is OK and well received. but when recall the config saved with preset 00 on KL61 is corrupted and I get LSB =127 and MS = 127 which means that my playing is with sustain peadl ON all the time ; the only work around I have found is to re-send MCC data onto KL61 which is annoying and imossible if you don't have a computer aside.

- second, the velocity curve choosed before storing a preset (in my cas VC 03) is not memorized with the config. I have to go back to EDIT / CURVE / selecting 03 and so on to get it back. KL61 boots everytime with VC 01 and even recalling a preset doesn't work.

- I'm still waiting for answers to the MAJOR problem where I can't get the firmware upgrade to be done because of manifestly a driver issue between KL61/MCC and Audio Midi Config (Mac OS 10.8.5) where as soon as I un-plug and replug doing the SOUND/MULTI/EDIT PROCESS while re-pluuging creates another peripheral in Audio MIDI config that then isn't recognized by MCC. KL61 stays with the "update" screen and I'm forced to power it off and re-launch MCC and send back the data to KL61 to be up and running again. This is not acceptable. Please address this problem now...

Despite several support inquiries, I'm still waiting for answers about probeelms with my KL61 that the least I can say makes me think I'm a beta tester for a product that has been released without the precautions that should have been taken BEFORE any product's release. I'm a professional and I'm not used to this kind of doing things. Although if I know that at some point we're always beta testers, my experience (first one) with Arturia is not as good as I hoped and this is not a good thing that could make me pass Arturia products in the next future. So please, my askings are normal and right.  DO something or at least tell us what's going on. I'm 150 km from Meylan and I can't imagine why I don't get answers when working with company tht are in the USA I get them instantly. This is not FAIR TRADE Arturia !!!


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