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Author Topic: How to use keylab keys and pad  (Read 1115 times)


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How to use keylab keys and pad
« on: September 24, 2013, 04:59:10 pm »
Sorry, i was at wrong forum. Maybe this is the right forum technical issues. Please admin, delete my same question at "user community"

I saw on youtube how these peoples using keyboard controller play piano sound on keyboard and play the loops on pad. And I bought the keylab 61 recently so that I can use like those guys did. Unfortunately, I just couldn't do that on the keylab. This is some explanation what I did , I use cubase 5 to do that, create midi track 1 , assign midi ch.1 vst Halion with piano sounds. Create midi track 2, assign midi ch. 10 vst Groove Agent , when I played keyboard on keylab which is assign to midi ch.1 the piano sounds come out but when i played the pad which assign to midi ch.10 the piano sound also come out with a lower sound, it supposed to played looping/drum looping from Groove Agent.

So, my Question , anybody have some information/tricks/tips how to do that on keylab ? I am really appreciated your help. These is what I need to know : How can we play piano on keylabs and play looping/percussion or another sounds on pad?

Because I heard that "Analog Experience The Laboratory" can do that, How come the latest product can't do that.

Please....any help...Thanks


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