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Author Topic: Spark as MIDI controller - extra/bad data from nearly every meaningful control  (Read 685 times)


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When using the Spark as a MIDI controller - it seems to send 'default' or non-programmed values (at least values that *I* didn't program) as well as the intended programmed values. For instance:

Set the FX pad to send CC 32/33 and you *also* get a NOTE ON of E3/F3 with velocity relative to the starting position on the XY pad. That's a *really* cool thing - and might be useful in certain circumstances, but I'd *like* to be able to program it myself and use it intentionally. As it is, this causes problems - as one might imagine.

Also, when programming one of the alpha-encoders for 'Relative 2' mode, for Steinberg QC controls as an example - I'm seeing *both* the 127/001 that I want/expect as well as the 63/65 that has *not* been programmed by *me*. It's just showing up in the data stream. Again - this 'feels' like something that's embedded - since there's no indication in the MIDI Control Center that a setting/control for these things is present. Even the Filter/Slicer/Roller buttons send NOTE ON of F-1 at 41/42/43 velocity respectively - and there's no way to program them at all from the Control Center.

Fortunately I can filter out most of that needless chatter but I'm wondering if I missed a firmware update somewhere along the line - or - if there's a reset function I could use to make the unit a 'clean slate'. Otherwise - please advise. Thanks.
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