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Author Topic: Ribbon Controller Full RESTORATION Arturia/ Third Party  (Read 894 times)


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Ribbon Controller Full RESTORATION Arturia/ Third Party
« on: August 13, 2013, 01:33:33 pm »
ATTENTION: Arturia and Arturia Users

Please support this request to see full support of the full and complete RESTORATION of the Ribbon Controller for open Midi use and application.

Whilst the CS-80V IS a reason ... it's not the only reason.

The days of pitch bending being fully reliant on the "pitch wheel" need to be moderated against true Ribbon Controllers ... which open doors of capturing sounds not otherwise achievable.

Whilst there is argument, the Ribbon Controller belongs with the CS-80 as does its skill set.

Please raise the discussion and quickly provide the hardware, because whilst Kurzweil HAS their own version ... it's in a closed circuit ... and the ExpressionMate has gone ... and $500 for it isn't correct either.

It needs to be made by Yamaha, Arturia or Roland; it needs to have support.

Thanks ARTURIA/ USERS for seeing things the "Ribbon Controller Way" for midi applications.

Please support the Ribbon Controller and as Arturia championed the CS-80 Vintage sounds ... WE can AID them champion the SKILL SETS  which go with those sounds too.

Please support the industry bring the "Ribbon Controller" back ... for good.

It's time. CC.


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