August 11, 2020, 11:07:41 pm
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Author Topic: Third MB: still problems, now VCA release slider prob, need help please!!!  (Read 869 times)


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Hello, as a new MB user must share some things:

First of all, MB is for sure poor build-quality (as it's now my third unit and still issues, other than the previous units :-\:((and my store had 2 faulthy ones) but the sound coming out of this little synth and the fun I have with it makes it a must have synth for me!  To bad i'm always the unlucky guy having problems.

What I wanted to share here is a very weird problem, I just need to know if it's hardware or software issues, so maybe an update could fix this or otherwise MB is going back for a fourth unit! (I always update to latest one available)

When setting env switch to low, playing with vca adsr sliders from time to time the release gets stuck into infinite, after moving the release back down sound changes a bit(gets muffled) but still sounding with infinite release (slider is totally closed!)  To get out of this i can switch the env back to fast or move the attack slider from vca back and forth. Or I could slide this hanging release a few times and i get out of it! I have never seen such behaviour on a synth!  It think this problem is software related (hope so) as it doesn't always occur, but is very annoying! 

Could you please help me out on this one, otherwise i need to swap again for a new one. What could I do to fix this?  Could i put the same update again on it?


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