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Author Topic: PLEASE make Analog Lab an overall preset manager for all your soft-synths  (Read 1474 times)


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Hello Arturia,

In the last couple months, I've purchased two of your products, and thus have 3 of them: MiniLab (which came with Analog Lab) and the Mg Modular V.
I am really liking these products. Great stuff. Thank you. :D

Analog Lab. It's quite something. It's gonna take forever to go thru all these presets. GREAT sounds in there.
One thing tho: Analog Lab could be so much more than it currently is!!
To wit: It would make an awesome overall preset manager for all of your softsynths!!
Honestly, I was a bit disappointed to see I couldn't easily and en masse transfer all the MMV presets between Analog Lab and the MMV. That would be SO useful, I'm sure you can see that!!
From what I can tell, not even the preset format appears compatible .. so I can't simply go into the folder structure and copy them all over manually. It appears that the presets for Analog Lab are stored in some (encrypted?) database format, non-human-readable .. whereas the presets for MMV are totally human-readable.
That really is a shame.

So my request is this: For a future update, PLEASE expand the communication and compatibility between Analog Lab and all of your soft-synths. Analog Lab has so much potential to be a one-stop shop for presets (AND combining presets) between all of your software synthesizers. Currently, it really is a pain to transfer presets from/to Analog Lab and any given synth. It has to be done one-at-a-time, and re-naming has to be done manually.

Pretty please? I'm sure you can see how awesome that would be  ;D

Thanks again!!


P.S. - other users, please chime in here if you support this!!
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Re: PLEASE make Analog Lab an overall preset manager for all your soft-synths
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2014, 01:14:36 am »
It would be great, maybe for Analog Lab 2.0.


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