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Author Topic: Presets in DAW  (Read 1599 times)


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Presets in DAW
« on: July 03, 2013, 06:27:52 pm »
I'm using the free miniV in GarageBand on a Mac and I have the following questions/issue:
I'm using an instance of miniV In a track with a custom sound I created (say a bass sound)
I then close GarageBand, and for example I use the miniV standalone with a different preset  (say a synth lead preset sound).
When I reopen GarageBand the track with the bass sound will now play with the lead synth sound, basically the miniV instance in GarageBand will not retain the original preset I specified.

This make the miniV not really usable, in DAW, as you can imagine if you use multiple instances of the mini for example, you have to set all the patches manually every time you open that particular song in your DAW.

Is there any solution or workaround ? Is this a limitation of the free version of the miniMg ?

Any help is appreciated.



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