January 25, 2021, 11:10:52 pm
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Author Topic: sound volume level different when changing from on MULTI to the other  (Read 1202 times)


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Hi ,

I found your new AnalogLab synth really great but I wanted to signal few little ennoying things that I have noticed, hoping that these little 'features' could be fixed in next versions of AnalogLab.

1) as it was already mentioned by "The Sarge!" in  this topic I have some sound sounding fine for a while and the suddenly which are continuously playing even after removing hands off the keyboard... strange.

2) This happens also randomly and not easy to reproduce but when switching from one MULTI to the other in the MULTI browser sometime the volume level "sounds" lower or louder.  I mean:
 - select MULTI xxx ... sound normal
 - select MULTI yyy ... sound normal too
 - select MULTI xxx again => the volume level will be randomly lower or louder without figuring what I did wrong(not touching anything from my MIDI keyboard controller, and I have no pedals neither).

Appart of that I think this Analog lab is really a great  piece of software and I haven't experiences any crashes of whatever with it as reportd by other users.

I am using a PC running Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bits with 8Gb of RAM and the version 1.0.3 of Analog lab + all plugins enabled / uptodate and available in edition. I am using also the 'infinite' memory management selection  in the preferences since I have noticed less delay when switching/loading from one sound to the other.

 thanks in advance.
Cheers, eric

aaron aardvark

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Analog Laboratory & Factory has the same problem(s), sometime you have to open up the Lab user interface in your host for the volume to become normal.  Sometimes the patch memory is not accurate: I have to leave the patch, go to a different patch, then come back to the original patch to get the correct sound (settings other than volume were getting goofed up).


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