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Author Topic: HI, I can't find the folder ‘Arturia MiniLab’ to work with ableton 9  (Read 6627 times)


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Hi, I am new here. I bought a used Minilab from a guy on internet.
the connection between computer and keyboard are just fine.

Other controllers I used before can download something from Internet to work with ableton
But i can't find "the folder" that the article  mentioned. ??? ??? ???

"""Install the folder ‘Arturia MiniLab’ into the folder: """

the  "script for ableton live" download from Arturia page just include a  PDF and a TXT article to explain how midi works.

Can someone help me?  just show where the download link is or send me a copy.


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Re: HI, I can't find the folder ‘Arturia MiniLab’ to work with ableton 9
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2013, 07:27:31 pm »

Ok unless im wrong there is a problem with ableton relative generic mappings

The txt file is the script

The instructions are right except for the folder name

That whole folder goes in the hidden app data folder in directory User Remote Scripts

Contained in the User Remote Scripts directory is this ableton help file

InstantMappings HowTo

With the file 'UserConfiguration.txt'provided in
this directory, you can create your own Instant

Note: Since this mechanism relies on the scripts
  added for Live 6, you can solely map the given
  functions to your Control Surface. You can neither
  add functions nor can you change the banks of
  device parameters.

1. Create a directory in 'User Remote Scripts'.
  The name of the directory will show up in the
  list of Control Surfaces in Live.
  Naming: The name of the directory should not
    start with '_' or '.'.

2. Copy the the file 'UserConfiguration.txt' into
  your directory. The name of the file needs to
  remain unchanged.

3. Edit the copy to adapt it to your needs. The
  comments in the file will tell you what to do.

So in the video and tutorial names a folder Arturia Minilab which is really  Script_for_Ableton_Live_on_firmware_Version_2_1_0_1 (as is says above you can name it what you want apart from starting characters listed)
I followed the video and pdf tutorial you need to be able to see hidden files and admin rights to access the folder

Track level controls mapped OK

808 pads mapped OK

Operater ADSL mapped OK

Operater osc select mapped OK

Then i have a problem COARSE only moved from 0.5 to 1

Fine level and velocity worked ok

This is controller 5 cc 77 vibr

On the default factory relative preset map 2 from prerelease mmc current firmware

Analog doesnt map correctly either

I dont believe this is an issue that can be fixed with this way of scripting in relative i tried
You can map other synths to relative but analog just doesnt function correctly so i gave up

I believe this is an issue with ableton generic mapping being some controls work some dont

The most efficent way to map i found is using abletons midi map without the script and make sure your in
absolute on your minilab preset and on the control (a drop menu box at the bottem )

To map a single control is simple

Select the absolute preset on the mini lab (dont forget encoder 9 could still be is relative you can check it and change it in mcc)

Right click the control to select the menu

Select edit midi map

Operate the control on the minilab (the ableton manual says turn slowly to the left to detect)

It will display a cc in the top right hand corner browser

Make sure your in the correct encoder mode absolute in the drop down menu  at the bottom

Right click and deselect midi map

That single controller is now mapped

Heres a short video

There is also a take over mode for absolute i have not tried it you can read about it in the ableton manual

Hope this helps

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Re: HI, I can't find the folder ‘Arturia MiniLab’ to work with ableton 9
« Reply #2 on: November 15, 2013, 02:26:31 am »
Thank you very much,the information is very useful . I will try it later. :) :)
But I think Arturia should do better on this part . :-\


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Hello Everyone,

My Minilab run on FirmWare and I cannot see it as a control surface in Ableton either.

There does not seem to be a download for this version, do I need to install the Script for Ableton Live on firmware V2.1.0.1 even though the version is different ?

Jerome Arturia

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The Minilab's Ableton script is in fact working with both firmware; hterefore you can install it even if you have firmware


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