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Author Topic: recording automation within studio one  (Read 2491 times)


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recording automation within studio one
« on: April 04, 2013, 03:04:59 am »

I have the spark for a month now, I like the machine for "live" preformance but if i want to recrod everything i got a couple of issues;
- Automate 1/32 roll within studio one. (i know i need to change resolution for this but this way it doesn't get a good workflow), can i set resolution within DAW to 1/32 to record it (while on the spark resolution is set to 1/16 to not change the patern)
- automate FX, when i record my fx it shows in studio one, but if i play it back nothing happens, as if it didn't record.
- how do I "reset" the KITS, if i use a kit all the automations, changes in pitch pan etc. wil stay. I want everything blank so i can create my own thing.

Hope that anyone can help me


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Re: recording automation within studio one
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2013, 10:07:31 am »

automate 1/32 roll : there is no "easy" way to do it currently, because the sequencer resolution is a limitation of the sequencer, and you can't really go beyond it.
A way to do it is to use the "repeat" automation : if you are at 1/16th resolution and you want a 1/32nd roll, you can add some repeat automation on the notes you want to double. The Repeat automation is quantized ( 1 repeat, 2 repeats ...) What you want to do is use the first value : it will simply play the note twice in the step, hence creating the roll. You can't record it live though, sadly.

Automate FX : the fx automation can't be recorded inside Spark's sequencer, but it can be recorded as a VST parameter automation in Studio One. Arm your Spark track, record in studio one, the fx automation will be recorded.

Reset the kits : you can use the "erase" button to erase instruments, patterns or banks. If you erase a pattern, it will be blank, with no automation or active steps.
If you want to keep the steps, but remove the automations only, you can go to the top panel, open a track, right click on it and choose "empty all automations". It will clear the automations for this track, while keeping the steps. I don't know if there is a way to do it for the 16 tracks at one time, but it can be done for each track one after the other.



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