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Author Topic: Cs80v with Akai MPK61 midi keyboard oddities  (Read 1671 times)


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Cs80v with Akai MPK61 midi keyboard oddities
« on: March 16, 2013, 06:30:38 pm »
Hello good people. I'm totally new on this forum so please excuse me if this has already been talked about at length. I have an Akai MPK61 midi keyboard that i would like to use with the CS80V if possible both in stand-alone and plugin mode under Pro tools for the Mac. Now my case is a bit special since i'm blind and there is no other way to get at the parameters of the CS80V other than via a keyboard for me using Voiceover, the built-in screen reading solution for the blind on the Mac. (Not even the preferences dialog is accessible) Now i have a problem when using the Akai MPK61 midi keyboard/controler. It claims it has a preset for Arturia synths including the CS80V but when i try using this synth preset on my IMac with 8 Gig ram and a Core I7 processor some strange things happen. In Plugin mode of the CS80V under Protools 9 in OsX Lion, i can't move any sliders, knobs or buttons, i can press them alright, but no alteration of the sound takes place other than the Sub oscillator which can be changed. No aftertouch is sent in this mode and no modulation wheel data are sent and Pitch bend is at full range. I can play notes and they come out as expected.
In Stand-alone mode, I can move a couple other parameters, but i can't send modulation wheel data however the Aftertouch works and in none of the modes i can send program/bank changes, however this could be as a result of the fluff in the users head, and not the fault of the keyboard or synth. In stand-alone mode however there's one thing i don't understand. Sometimes it plays the right note, like if i play a C it plays a C but other times pressing the same key it plays an F  one fifth under the C that i play. It's as if an arpeggiator would be on even though it isn't, i don't know what goes on here and since i am blind i can't see what's on the display of the keyboard either. Anyone know ow to help me out with this? I would love to be using the CS80V sinde it's a wonderfully sounding synth.
Thanks for any and all help.


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