August 13, 2020, 07:37:50 am
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Author Topic: Snapshot Button Problems in VST Mode, as well as an honest opinion needed  (Read 1600 times)


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Hey all.

I just received my Analog Laboratory 49 yesterday, and I'm quite disappointed in it.
It really is my fault however, as I only researched the good of the instrument, instead of seeking out its flaws and determining whether it would work within my setup.

I've browsed over Manuel's "Solutions" thread, but I still have a few questions.

My DAW is Live 8.34 BTW, 32bit.

Firstly, my snapshot buttons do not work properly in VST mode, I might've missed it, but was there a work-around or fix for this? Sometimes they trigger appropriately, most of the time they don't trigger at all, or they trigger another snapshot button (which doesn't go to what it was originally mapped to.)

Second, is there any new information/hope for having full use of the category and preset functions within VST mode, or are we stuck with work-around that we have now? Is any DAW capable of letting us fully use the preset/category functions on our keyboads?

Third, since stand-alone mode works fine, has anyone tried somehow rewiring Laboratory into their DAW, or perhaps some how routing audio and MIDI back and forth between the application via some other means?

Lastly, and perhaps only an Arturia representative can answer this, will any of these bugs be fixed? Realistically. I completely understand if they will not be, and will simply return my keyboard if that is the case. I'm a big fan of Arturia's plugs, and have heard great things about Spark and the Minibrute so I'm not going to go on some crusade against the company  :P, however, time is money, and I would rather like to know if these problems, which have been documented for over a year now, will be fixed?


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