November 28, 2022, 01:20:51 pm
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Author Topic: Cubase 12 users, what's your experience using the new MIDI Remote mapping featur  (Read 293 times)


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Cubase 12 users, what's your experience using the new MIDI Remote mapping feature with the Keylab mk2 keyboards?

I'm a Cubase user that's considering buying the Keylab mk2. The Midi Remote feature in Cubase has intrigued me with the powerful potential it might have in combination with Keylab mk2.

Before I don't wanna buy it and then realise it can't do what I expected. And I don't know what I don't know. So I'm hoping to hear from people who have experience using both.

Does anybody have experience with this? Are you able to map everything on the board no problems? Are there any issues / limitations / bottlenecks with this Cubase feature?

Particularly interested in being able to map the knobs and buttons to various Focus Quick Controls (for 3rd party compressors etc) + also being able to put various DAW commands and macros on my buttons.

Are some buttons locked and not mappable? Do the transport controls and DAW commands work in User mode? Or can you map anything to anything?

Can the same knob or button be assigned to multiple things but when you turn the knob it only affects the plugin that you see on screen? (I.e. no overlap where turning the 1 knob will go and edit a whole bunch of shit at once in a messy way)

Anything you love or hate about the Keylab workflow/integration

What else should I know before I buy? Thanks!


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Kind of regret buying the keylab 61.

Using windows 10.
Midi Control Center pretty much unusable as it always crashes on some random action I am trying to do.

With cubase 12, no script exists for midi mapping, so need to take a weak of break from making music or  try some legacy HUI controller maps, which is PITA

Just did not fee right with this controller.

Also, kind of getting tire typing the word arturia backwards :)


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