July 06, 2022, 01:47:27 am
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Author Topic: Full Integration with Gig Performer and more ....  (Read 326 times)


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Full Integration with Gig Performer and more ....
« on: May 02, 2022, 09:31:17 am »
Keylab 61 MkII is a great midi controller but some features would make it even better for live performance ...

1. Full integration with Gig Performer.
2. All controls assignable .... including Jog wheel and display.
3. Sliders and knobs should be on the left side of the keyboard, this is essential for live work particularly when playing lead whilst making adjustments.
4. Waterfall keys would be a great improvement for glissandos particularly when playing organ type patches.

Keep up the good work but make this the best midi keyboard controller.


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Re: Full Integration with Gig Performer and more ....
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2022, 01:54:39 pm »
Arturia envision you using the KL61 with their own live performance solution, Analog Lab.
That said, can't you adapt Gig Performer, via some kind of MIDI learn function, to integrate better with your KL61?
I don't routinely perform live but I have on occasion used my KL88 mk1 with MainStage, I can program macros in MainStage to respond to every MIDI event my KL88 is capable of sending: all the sliders, all the controls. Can Gig Performer not do the same? If not, the Arturia MIDI Control Center allows you to manually reconfigure the messages sent out my many of your KL61's controls.
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Re: Full Integration with Gig Performer and more ....
« Reply #2 on: June 04, 2022, 03:40:54 pm »
KeyLab MkII is matching gig Performer very well. However, the limitation between KL and GP is, that there’s no full documentation, how to address the LCD in user mode from GP or how to get the button/LEDs in sync.

Any news, or updates here?


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