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Author Topic: Unable to save MIDI assign presets when more than 1 instance of Analog Lab 5  (Read 269 times)


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Hi, in any Cakewalk  Analog Lab 5 plugin instance, with 'Generic 9 knobs' i can assign MIDI CC's to the external controller knobs i need for that instance, then i save the MIDI assignment preset (Save as ... i give it a name and i save it), then it DOES appear in the drop-down list next to the Empty and Default presets and i can select it, and everything works fine up to that point. Then i save my Cakewalk project and close Cakewalk.  I reopen the same project, i go back to the MIDI presets list of that same ALV instance, and the saved preset is no longer there...! Gone...  As if never saved.... The MIDI assignment presets are literally disappearing after being saved... I can't start working on my new project until this is fixed because the MIDI settings do not stay saved as they should and everything is to be redone manually on each AL5 track, everytime Cakewalk is relaunched. This is on a fresh install of Windows, Cakewalk, and Arturia collection. all latest version and up to date.  Been fighting this for the last couple of days. HELP !!

EDIT : from what i've tried, the problem does not affect other instruments from the V collection, it only affects AL5.  And also, the 1st AL5 Midi config preset IS saved correctly. It's only after adding a 2nd instance or more of AL5 that the problem shows up in the newly added instances. In other words, the 1st instance of AL5 retains it's saved Midi config preset, but not the 2nd or 3rd instance and so on...
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No doubts there are issues like this with the MIDI configs. I hope Arturia allready is having a look at that.

I can't understand why you only think it's for ALV though and not individual applications in V-Collection. I also don't understand, you say it work for the first MIDI config save.
Anyway - I think your issue is releated to this: https://forum.arturia.com/index.php?topic=108293.0

EDIT: Your MIDI configs are availble in the list, if you save them in standalone mode first - right? EDIT END

But may i ask why you need every single instance to use it's own MIDI configs?
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